Everything - 10 Region DVDs & 6 State Bluray's

$175 per set

Note: The cost of State DVDs has increased because we are now filming both the Preliminaries and the Finals. This includes two additional days of filming for us, and each order will be on a Bluray High Definition disc that includes both the Preliminaries and the Finals. 

20 State Bluray's

$15 each = $300 total

Order Utah Region DVD & State Drill Team Bluray's Of Competitions 2018 - 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A or 6A 

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20 Region DVDs

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1 Region DVD & 1 State Bluray Set

Need a number of Discs that isn't listed here? Feel free to call or text 801-580-3995!  Place orders over the phone for amounts that aren't listed here.

$35 per DVD

$300 per set

1 Past Year DVD

$35 each = $700 total

Order Past Years Of Any Event Back To 1982

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